Why We Need Our The Indian Breed Cows (Indigenous Cows)

A cow is considered a sacred being in the country of India. These cows are treated as the holy embodiment of God on earth among the people in India due to the benefits they bestow to mankind. Specifically, these Indian desi cows are providing human beings with the A2 milk and the by-products which help in the betterment of people at the spiritual, economic and social level in many ways since ages.

Desi Indian cows have a hump on their back and the ‘solar pulse’ on their hump is known to take energy from the sun. It is of unique colour, runs through the spine and a curved backline. All the medicinal and positive energy from the atmosphere and sunlight is absorbed through ‘Suryaketu nerve’ located in cow’s back. It makes for more nutrients in the products such as cow’s milk as well as urine and cow dung.

Our past generations have known the amazing inherent qualities of the cows and cows became a universal mother. When bulls are used as means of transport considered for doing tasks such as ploughing of agriculture fields, desi cows are considered for providing A2 milk, milk products, agricultural activities, healthcare, socio-economic development and religious sanctity.

So now that we have some context on our desi cows, it is important to know that these indigenous breeds need protection. Almost everything these cows provide is useful in some way like A2 milk for their nourishment values or cow dung and urine in agriculture. The A2 milk protein is better for people with digestive issues when consuming dairy products made from A1 milk. For increasing immunity, protection against diseases, overall growth with their milk and for agricultural uses, it is very important for people to protect these indigenous breeds.