Why A2 Ghee Is The Intelligent Choice ?

Ghee can be necessarily found in every household in India making it more than just an accompaniment. Pure A2 ghee is considered purest of all foods and full of nutrients like vitamins, proteins, minerals, calcium, iron etc. The ghee which is made from the A2 milk of Indian Gir cows is pure, unadulterated, natural, nutritious and healthy. Since the A2 ghee is made with the Vedic process, it is considered spiritually energized with positivity and therefore establishes all-round harmony among mental, physical and spiritual state.

The process of getting this product begins from selecting the Indian cows which are known to produce A2 milk like Gir cows. So, the first benefit comes from the start only. The A2 ghee is made from the milk procured from desi cows and not from the hormone-driven or genetically engineered cows. You can identify a desi cow by the distinct hump on its back which is lacking in other types of cows.

This A2 milk, source of A2 Ghee, brings various amounts of benefits with them which brings goodness to mind, body and soul. Milk is a source of multiple nutrients like protein, calcium and fat, and is an indispensable part of our diet. A2 milk which is used to make A2 ghee, in comparison to other regular A1 milk or hybrid milk, is considered “stomach-friendly” and is easier to digest. It also helps fight various diseases and increases immunity. People who have faced issues while consuming A1 milk and products, like digestive problems, cholesterol, etc. claim that A2 milk has improved the situation. Though consuming vegetable oil or butter if taken in moderation is not bad for your health, A2 ghee can be a healthier alternative.