What Are The Health Benefits Of Cows A2 Milk?

There have been many types of research done till now which have shown that people who get some issues by drinking the milk of A1 type, they have better chances with the A2 milk. Significant differences have also been found in the digestive symptoms produced by consumption of A1 type milk and A2 type milk.  Like in a recent study, it was found out that people who were consuming A1 milk or milk containing both proteins as well as having gastrointestinal issues found relief when they switched to A2 type milk.

The thing to note here is that those who are lactose intolerant should be aware that milk contains lactose and are not recommended to drink it. Although a study has suggested that those people have better chances with A2 milk consumption. This has led to a theory that lactose intolerance might actually be related to A1 β-casein rather than lactose per se and milk containing only A2 β-casein actually helps those people with the intolerance.

In the end, it can be said that the Indian – the desi cow’s milk containing A2 protein is best for consumption in many ways in contrast to A1 or milk produced from the hybrid cow varieties such as Holstein, Ayrshire, Friesian. It is good because it contains so many high-quality and important nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates as well as micronutrients. These help in improving the resistance and immunity in the body. Understanding these health benefits, people have started taking breeding and nurturing of pure ‘desi’ breed of cows seriously.