How To Differentiate A2 Milk From A1 Milk?

Milk is considered very beneficial for the health since it contains a lot of nutrients. There are different types of milk produced by different types of cows like A2 milk produced by Desi Indian cows or African Cows. Then there are hybrid cows like Holstein, Friesian, etc. which produce milk of A1 type. To differentiate between A1 and A2 milk type, the method is known as genotyping. In this method, cows are generally tested and genotyped with A1 and A2 type and their produced milk is labelled as A1 type milk and A2 type milk.

There are some primary differences between the two milk types as well. Casein is the primary constituent of both milk types. In A1 milk type, apart from Casein another amino acid called Histidine is found. In case of the A2 milk type, instead of Histidine, Proline is present.

Another difference can be observed with the digestive symptoms produced by consumption of both A1 and A2 milk. Apart from Proline or Histidine, BCM 7, a small protein type is also present and is found in both A2 and A1 type milk. Since BCM 7 binds strongly with proline in A2 milk, it is not released when A2 milk is consumed. It is released in the bloodstream when A1 milk is consumed. Since BCM 7 is harder to digest, it leads to digestive disorders in some people. So, if you are facing such problems by consuming A1 type milk, you should consider switching to A2 milk.