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Chillx - Jeera Chaach

Chillx - Jeera Chaach

Why ChillX Jeera Chhach?

ChillX Jeera Chhach is best source of nutrition as it is packed fresh and is prepared from curd of Indian Breed Cow’s Milk, Jeera(Cumin Seed) and Rock Salt(Saindha Namak).

ChillX- Jeera Chaach is uplifting, especially during the hot summer days. On top of being a refreshing beverage, Jeera chaach further works as a great appetizer. If you are having a proper North Indian lunch or dinner, then this ChillX- Jeera Chaach would be a great addition to your meal, or even as a swift breakfast drink. Above all it consists of Saindha Namak(Rock Salt), which is better for health and can be consumed during fast.

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Product Description

Benefits & Usage:

• It is rich in calcium & a great source of vitamins.
• Riboflavin in chaach and adding cucumber helps detoxify the Body.
• It raises Immune level.
• Boost Your Energy Level
• Chaach cooling effect on the stomach after a spicy meal
• It helps in digestion & fights dehydration.
• A great tool meant for dehydration
• Reduces blood pressure

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